It’s a dog! It’s a sword! It’s a giraffes!

It’s SAMMY J Balloon Creations

The story of a balloon artist!!!!

SAMMY J Balloon Creations started with a bag of balloons, a book, a pump and the desire to do something unique. What began with a three-twist balloon dog has grown into one of the most creative entertainment and decoration companies in the country.

SAMMY J at the fairIn the second grade, Mrs. Jefferson gave the lead in the class play, “Circus Big Top”, to the one kid who had no fear speaking in front of the class. That Ringmaster grew to star as the sidekick in high school melodramas, comic relief at speech tournaments and the scariest evil warlock in “The Princess And The Pea”. After failing as a collegiate actor, radio DJ and stand up comic; a career in the spotlight seemed hopeless.

Turning fun and creativity into unique memorable experiences

Many years later, in an attempt to be a cool uncle, a balloon book was purchased. A dog, sword and giraffe was learned and perfected. The nephew was giddy, excited and thrilled. (He was also three years old. It didn’t take much) More balloons were purchased, more figures were created and soon money was being made! Flea markets and craft fairs were the first appearances by SAMMY J. Soon, clients were hiring the new balloon artist for private and corporate events. SAMMY J Balloon ShowSAMMY J Balloon Creations has grown to perform all over the country, decorate some of the biggest events and teach at international conventions. With a passion for creativity and entertainment, clients have been impressed with unique designs and original sculptures. That was nearly two decades ago. And if you’ve taken the time to read all of this (and most of it is true), you deserve a special reward. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: BALUNZ and your address. I will send you an amazing balloon sculpture. That’s worth slogging through this horrible story. SAMMY J Balloon Creations has designed, produced and built some of the largest projects ever created. Visit the INSTALLATIONS page to see the pictures and videos. Thanks for visit the SAMMY J Balloon Creations website. And enjoy your balloon sculptures!


Take a look at some of the stuff that has made SAMMY J Balloon Creations so amazing! Great distributors, amazing conventions and one fantastic movie.