When it’s time to thank a loved one or celebrate a special occasion, the usual gifts spring to mind: flowers, chocolates, wine, cards, and gift vouchers are all good ideas, but sometimes the gifts we give can get a little predictable.

Some would argue that any gift is a good gift, but isn’t it better when our gift is interesting and exciting?

There are a million and one ways to say, “thank you,” “congratulations,” or “thinking of you,” but when the gift is hand-crafted and brightly-colored, it means so much more. So, why not congratulate a family member or celebrate that special someone with a balloon bouquet instead?

5 Reasons to Give a Balloon Bouquet

So, why choose a balloon bouquet instead of flowers? Here are 5 of the most common reasons:

The Person You Want to Thank is (or May Be) Allergic to Flowers

You never know how your friend or loved one will react physically to the flowers you choose. Flowers can be a lovely gift, but there’s always the risk that the recipient (or their pets!) will be allergic to the flowers you give them. Some flowers are actually highly poisonous to pets, so if you’re not sure, a balloon bouquet is best!

You Don’t Want to Be Too Serious

Flowers can be quite serious, and may send “more” of a message than you really want to send. A balloon bouquet lightens the mood, so is a great way to say thank you to a friend, for a birthday, or as a “get well soon” gift.

They Last Longer Than Flowers

Balloon bouquets also last much longer than flower bouquets, providing a fun party centerpiece that will be resilient against the elements. A balloon bouquet also negates the need for maintenance! No watering, no trimming, no frantic search for a vase, and no expensive flower food needed!

A Balloon Bouquet is More Robust Than Flowers

To build on our last point, balloon bouquets are also much easier to transport. Unlike flowers, which can easily be snapped of damaged, a balloon bouquet will take a lot more handling.

They (Likely) Won’t Have Received a Balloon Bouquet Before

A balloon bouquet is a super original gift. Anyone can buy a bunch of flowers- in fact, it’s probably the first thing we think of when we imagine a gift! So treat your loved one to something unusual, unique, and totally unexpected. An added bonus is that your balloon bouquet is sure to excite any children in the house!

So, if you are looking for something that will wow your party guests, try a balloon bouquet! Balloon bouquets are the ideal way to celebrate a loved one’s special day, a significant milestone, or a memorable event.

Get Your Balloon Bouquets from SAMMY J Balloon Creations

Based in St Louis, SAMMY J has been working as an entertainer and making balloon figures for quite some time now. Since he started his career, he has gone from performing and creating balloon figures at local flea markets and fairs to having decorated some of the biggest events in the country and taught at international conventions. He is truly passionate about providing unique and entertaining balloon gifts and would love to make your special day even more exciting!

Choose from a wide range of themed options, from a birthday cake figure or a St. Patrick’s Day figure to a stunning bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Whoever it is you’re sending this balloon bouquet to will be surprised and delighted to see that you chose such an unusual gift for them!

As for logistics, your balloon bouquet can easily be delivered in person or shipped to your destination, and there’s no doubt that your party will be remembered for the unique presentation. If this sounds like something you would like, take a look at SAMMY J’s incredible selection of balloon bouquets or fill in a contact form. SAMMY J Balloon Creations eagerly awaits your call!