Creating beautiful balloon decoration

St Louis Balloon Artist Shows Off At St Louis Bridal Show

Bride St Louis invited SAMMY J Balloon Creations to have a vendor booth at a recent St Louis Bridal Show. Instead of purchasing a booth, I negotiated with the show producer to decorate the venue in exchange for the vendor booth. The show gets amazing decor and I get to show off with much larger balloon sculptures than I could with a simple booth.

The show featured a Fashion Show, with the models wearing wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, walking down the center aisle of the vendors for the attendees to see.

110-feet of organic garland was created using Chrome and Reflex colors. This gave a palate of seven different colors in an infinite amount of sizes. The garland was hung from the ceiling on wires that the venue had previously strung between large columns in the room. The wires were the perfect attachment points for the Organic Balloon Decorations.

There were about 30 vendors including florists, DJs, photographers, venues, caterers. As the only balloon artist in the room, my booth truly stood out. A few of the brides stopped to talk. But most just walked by and didn’t make eye contact. Many took business cards. Some asked about party balloons and balloon art for their celebration. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that everything is custom-made for their event and included delivery, set-up & breakdown.

I was proud to be recognized as the St Louis Balloon Artist who could make the wedding show more beautiful, elegant and memorable.