Balloons are the perfect statement for those who want to establish an eye-catching centerpiece or decorate their venue with a particular theme. They add a unique, light-hearted feeling to any event. If you want your wedding reception or bridal shower to be a lot of fun for your guests, balloon arrangements are the way to go.
Unlike floral arrangements, which are often forgettable for all but the wedding couple, balloon decorations is truly one-of-a-kind and completely customizable to you. To help you decide how to use balloons at your event, here are 7 beautiful balloon décor ideas:

1. Create a Balloon Backdrop

Why not go all-in with a whole wall of balloons? Add a touch of personality by having various balloon sizes in your color scheme or theme and choose a wall that can be easily used as a backdrop for photos. A balloon wall can be a beautiful backdrop for the head table. This balloon backdrop is an ideal way to emphasize your wedding colors and essentially “brand” your wedding photos – everyone will know which photos are from your event! Adding lights brings more attention to your event.

2. Balloon Organic Garland

Organic balloons garlands are very popular in wedding decor right now. They’re a great way to combine bright and muted colors with different textures. Create a garland that drapes across your table and use real or fake foliage around the balloons to tie in nature. If you prefer, use ribbon instead. Just be aware that kids (and big kids!) may not be able to resist touching them!

3. Balloon Archways

Whether your wedding reception is in a hotel, a castle or a country barn, balloons are a distinctive way to decorate your doorways or even your wedding arch.

Balloon arches are fun and clearly show guests where they need to be, so add them to the venue’s doors to clearly show guests where the party is!

4. A Balloon Ceiling

balloon ceiling

Are you hiring a venue or using a family barn with a ceiling that leaves something to be desired? If you want to create a party atmosphere, create a balloon ceiling instead. You can choose whatever colors you like best. You can choose clusters of colors, garland strands above the event, or special sculptures to accent specific areas. Ceiling balloons create a wonderful atmosphere that captures the theme of your event.

5. Spell Out Your New Surname or Initials

What better way to remind all your guests why they’re at your celebration than by literally spelling out your names? If one of you is taking the other’s surname, spell it out in balloons. If you’re tying the knot but keeping your respective names, use your initials instead. Either way, it’s bespoke to you two and keeps all the focus on the two of you! This is also a fun option for bridal showers for the soon-to-be Mrs. ______!

6. Give Kids Balloon Arrangements

Do you or your partner have kids or have friends and family with little ones? When all the adults are gathered together, spotting the little ones can be difficult, so make them visible and give them something fun by giving them balloon arrangements to carry around. This is also ideal for flower girls and ring bearers as they walk up the aisle.

7. Decorate Your Cake or Dessert Table

We put a lot of thought into our bridal shower and wedding food and even more into our wedding cake. Often, the cake will sit in the corner unnoticed, despite all the thought and effort you and your bakers put into it. So why not draw more attention to it with a beautiful balloon arrangement? Either drape balloons of different sizes across the wall behind the dessert table, around the legs, or attach large helium balloons to the table.

If you’re planning a wedding in the St Louis area of Missouri or Illinois and are considering balloons as part of your décor, we’re here to help. Couples, businesses, and associations hire us to produce a memorable atmosphere for their guests. For more than two decades, SAMMY J Balloon Creations has performed across the country and decorated some of the most exciting events. With a passion for entertainment and eye-catching decor, we impress our clients with unique designs and original sculptures. Click here to contact us with your ideas today.