Balloon decorations are more in fashion than ever before – they’re no longer confined to children’s birthday parties. You’ll now find them at baby showers, weddings, and any other adult celebration. Balloon decorations are a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, long-lasting and unique decoration for your event, that won’t set off people’s allergies. So, how can you use balloon décor for your next event?

There are endless ways you can use balloons to decorate your next special event, but today we’re going to cover some of the most popular and stylish. The ideas below use two different styles of balloon décor, the classic, uniform balloons and “organic” balloons.

What are organic balloons?

Organic balloons have nothing to do with the way they’re produced, it’s actually all about the style! Organic balloons are simply air-filled (opposed to helium-filled) balloons that are joined together in irregular sizes and (often) mixed colors to give an organic look. This style works beautifully at any event and offers a lot of presence and volume.

1.    Organic Balloon ArchSAMMY J Balloon Creations st louis balloons organic demi arch

A traditional balloon arch is where balloons of uniform size and shape, and usually color, are fixed to an arched frame beneath. An organic balloon arch differs because the balloons are all filled to different sizes, which gives a natural look, and they don’t always need to have a structure beneath. You can add flowers, string lights, and other decorations to the arch for a personal touch.

2.    Balloon Clouds

If you’re not interested in the oh-so-popular organic balloon arch, then a balloon cloud is likely to hit the spot. This is where balloons of varying sizes are connected to form a cloud shape and then fixed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. This look gives a beautiful, ethereal look that’s ideal for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and parties. It’s a still-underutilized balloon decoration, so if you choose to use balloon clouds, your event will definitely stand out from the crowd.

3.    Balloon Rainbow

While using 1-3 colors is often the perfect choice for events with set color schemes, you can break convention if you want to! A balloon rainbow, whether styled as an arch, cloud, or another shape, offers a playful decoration that’s perfect for light-hearted corporate events, children’s parties, and to celebrate Pride.

4.    Half Arch

An organic half arch creates an elegant backdrop for your event photography, or to frame and draw attention to important areas or tables at your event, such as the guestbook, gift table, buffet, or cake table. Another option is to have a complete arch, but have two-thirds of the arch as an organic balloon arch, and the other half covered by flowers, foliage, or string lights.

5.    Balloon Column

While uniform balloons are a great choice for hiding or decorating pillars and columns inside or outside a venue, an organic balloon column makes for unique balloon decorations for any event. These columns can stand alone to add more volume and decoration to a space, or for hiding pillars or structures that detract from your event’s theme.organic wall

6.    Balloon Wall

We all know that social media will play a part in your event as everyone shares their photos, and so creating a backdrop photo opportunity with a balloon wall is a must! This is where a wall at your venue (or a stand-alone wall) is covered in organic balloons or uniform balloons, often with other decorations such as flowers or tassels, and placed in a location where your guests can easily take group photos. Give your guests a hashtag to use on social media so you can find all the photos taken at your event later.

Balloon displays are a great alternative to flowers and foliage and can be easily customized to work just as well at a baby girl’s baby shower and a celebration for an employee’s 25-years with the company celebration. By simply changing the colors, shapes, and embellishments, they can suit any special occasion. If you’re looking for a balloon artist and balloon decorations in St. Louis, I’m here to help! Click here to contact me with your ideas today.