When planning a wedding day there are approximately 4,749,628 decisions to be made. Friday night or Saturday afternoon? Synagogue or park? Chicken or fish? Tuxedo or denim? Rice or live doves? Karaoke or orchestra? Stretch Hummer or rainbow unicorn pulling a cotton-candy carriage? Six-tier cake or individual soufflés?

One of the most important decisions involves decorating the reception. Whether it’s a conscience choice or not, receptions have themes. Depending on the location, time of day and atmosphere; a theme will be set by the choices of lighting, centerpieces and linen. This shouldn’t be left to chance but should be a carefully thought-out process.wedding reception decor

A quick glance on Google reveals themes from simple to sublime, classy to crazy. Favorite movie, place we met, love of the Renaissance. Regardless of the chosen motif, decorations can truly bring the event together.

Butterflies In The Backyard
Bring the outside to the inside with colorful butterflies accenting the table cards, flower bouquets and invitations. Releasing live butterflies at the reception will set the mood and be a unique memory for everyone.

Rustic and Romantic
A rustic theme doesn’t have to be rough or rugged. Wild flowers in bottle vases, burlap table runners, vintage-style invitations. The little touches will add a lot to the reception. Ask guests to wear their best simple, homely outfits to match the theme.

Our Song
Does that special song hit the notes of the relationship? Bring music into to every aspect of the reception. Substitute the guest book with some vintage record albums. Signed with a paint pen, guests can leave a message for the happy couple. Invitations on sheet music will catch everyone’s eye. A keyboard tie for the groom and guitar picks in the bride’s bouquet will make the theme complete.

While deciding on a theme requires thought and discussion, how to decorate is easy: Do it with balloons! Don’t just think about kid’s birthday parties. Balloons can convey any theme and color scheme. Balloon artists have dozens of colors, multitudes of shapes and unlimited ideas to create the perfect motif.

Western theme? A giant cactus next to the cake table and cow faces hanging from the ceiling. Beach theme? A surfer dude welcoming guests at the entrance. A classic black-tie affair? Silver metallic shapes can form an arch over the champagne fountain. Lighted columns can flank the dance floor.

For some real fun, have a balloon artist make sculptures for the kids. (Then he/she can stick around to entertain the grown-ups too!)

Balloons can be twisted, sculpted and designed to fit any space and fulfill any ideas. The reception will be the last memory of the best day of your life. Don’t settle for the mundane. Make it beautiful, remarkable and unique.

Thad James
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