Event Entertainment

Shows for every occasion! Performances to delight every age! Humor that causes amusement, chuckling and moans. Your guests will be delighted with the fun, gags and amazing balloon sculptures.

The super-duper totally-excellent Balloon Variety Show!

This deluxe package includes an exciting show filled with balloons, jokes, balloons, a little magic, audience participation, balloons and special surprises. Spectators are part of the show and help with the entertainment. Volunteers become part of the act to continue the fun.

Balloon Show details:

  • minimum 10’x10′ performance space
  • seating space for audience
  • show lasts 55 minutes
  • $225.00

Build a Better Mousetrap Show

Educate the audience about simple machines. Learn how to combine multiple machines to create the greatest mousetrap. Audience members help build the mousetrap by using different devices as parts of the trap. Perfect for assemblies, libraries and classrooms.sammy j balloon show

Mousetrap Show details:

    • minimum 15’x15′ performance space
    • seating space for audience
    • show lasts 60 minutes
    • $270.00

The Big Balloon Hat Party!

Nothing makes a party more fun than a room full of colorful balloon hats. The Big Balloon Hat Party allows every guest, (young and old), to get a unique balloon hat. Celebrating a special occasion? The guest of honor will receive the biggest, best balloon hat. As a balloon expert, SAMMY J will create the perfect hat for each guest using their favorite colors.

  • 45-60 minutes
  • Rates: $150.00 up to 10 guests; $175.00 for 11-15 guests; $195.00 for 16-20 guests; $5.00 each additional guest



Combine the Balloon Variety Show and Big Balloon Hat Party!

The party starts with a 30-minute, action-packed, fun-filled show. Complete with audience participation and plenty of balloons. At the conclusion of the show, guests receive their own made-to-order, personal balloon hat.

Variety Show and Hat Party Combo:

  • minimum 10’x10′ performance space
  • seating space for audience
  • show/party lasts 1.5hrs to 2hrs
  • Rates: $300.00 up to 10 guests, $325.00 for 11-15 guests, $350.00 for 16-20 guests (extra charges for additional guests)

Balloons On Request

Each guest is allowed to choose their own creation. A list of more than forty suggestions is provided but all requests are welcome. Animals, flowers and vehicles are just some of the possibilities. A great addition to fairs, festivals, fundraisers, company picnics, receptions and grand openings.

  • Rates: start at $130.00 per hour.